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The well-established tradition of College Fellowship, at Victoria and elsewhere, is an important means of supporting collegiality across disciplines and creating academic community. As outlined in the Policy on Victoria College Fellows and Associates, Vic Fellows and Associates are members of the College who participate in various aspects of collegial life including governance, teaching, mentoring, co-curricular activities, and College events. Most Fellows and Associates are faculty members of Victoria University or the University of Toronto, and many of them have their offices at Victoria. After retirement, Fellows may become Fellows Emeriti. Victoria College also appoints Junior Fellows who are doctoral or postdoctoral candidates at the University of Toronto.

Victoria College Fellows

Fellows are full-time faculty at Victoria University and the University of Toronto who participate in Victoria College governance, work in its research centres, and contribute to the life of the College by teaching, mentoring, or supervising students in academic and co-curricular activities.

Susan Antebi - Spanish and Portuguese
Brian Baigrie -  IHPST
Ken Bartlett - Victoria College; History
Claire Battershill - Victoria College
Joseph Berkovitz - IHPST
Christer Bruun - Classics
Elise Burton - IHPST
Eric Cazdyn - East Asian Studies
Michael Chazan - Anthropology
Laura Colantoni - Spanish and Portuguese
Rebecca Comay - Philosophy
David Cook - Political Science
Maria Cristina Cuervo - Spanish and Portuguese
Lucia Dacome - IHPST
Robert Davidson - Spanish and Portuguese
Arti Dhand - The Study of Religion
Sarah Dowling - Comparative Literature
Angela Esterhammer - Victoria College; English
Victor Falkenheim - Victoria College; Political Science
Yiftach Fehige - IHPST
Julia Forgie - Victoria College
Craig Fraser - IHPST
Willi Goetschel - Germanic Languages and Literatures
Paul Gooch - Victoria College
Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo - Victoria College
Barbara Havercroft - French
Gregoire Holtz - French
Emanuel Istrate - Victoria College
Conrad James - Comparative Literature
Eva-Lynn Jagoe - Spanish and Portuguese
Eric Jennings - History
Edward Jones-Imhotep - IHPST
Ivan Kalmar - Anthropology
Matt Kavaler - Art History
Alison Keith - Classics
Pamela Klassen - The Study of Religion
Ann Komaromi - Comparative Literature
Cara Krmpotich - Information
Julie LeBlanc - French
Sherry Lee - Music
Suzi Lima - Linguistics
Lori Loeb - History
Lynne Magnusson - English
Al Moritz - Victoria College
Andreas Motsch - French
Sanda Munjic - Spanish and Portuguese
Heather Murray - English
A.T. Perez-Leroux - Spanish and Portuguese
Manuel Ramirez - Spanish and Portuguese
Anabela Rato - Spanish and Portuguese
Victor Rivas - Latin American Studies
Will Robins - English
Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio - Spanish and Portuguese
Nestor Rodriguez - Spanish and Portuguese
Jill Ross - Comparative Literature
Shaun Ross - Victoria College
Stephen Rupp - Spanish and Portuguese
Manuela Scarci -  Italian Studies
Mark Solovey - IHPST
Luca Somigli - Italian Studies
Paul Stevens - English
Nicholas Terpstra - History
Anne Urbancic - Victoria College
Marga Vicedo - IHPST
RC Vipond - Political Science
Karina Vold - IHPST
Tamara Walker - History
Denis Walsh - IHPST
Ira Wells - Victoria College
Rebecca Woods - IHPST
David Wright - Victoria College
Chen-Pang Yeang - IHPST
John Zilcosky - Germanic Languages and Literatures

Victoria College Junior Fellows

Junior Fellows are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers who participate in the academic and social community of Victoria College.

Hugh O'Neill - Comparative Literature
Judith Brunton - The Study of Religion
Christien Garcia - Comparative Literature
Emily Gilbert - Anthropology
Gary Graham - IHPST
Mohammad Jamali - Italian Studies
Paul Patton - IHPST
Eva Plesnik - Medieval Studies
Hillary Walker Gugan - Information

Victoria College Associates

Associates are full-time or part-time faculty, or members of affiliated institutions, who contribute to the teaching and research mission of Victoria College and participate in its academic and social community.

Hakob Barseghyan - Victoria College
Rob Batey - Chemistry
John Bemrose - Victoria College
Daniel Bender - Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC)
Dwayne Benjamin - Economics
Elisa Brilli - Italian Studies
Kelvin Browne - Gardiner Museum
Paul Cohen - History
Asher Cutter - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Girish Daswani - Anthropology (UTSC)
Ken Derry - Historical Studies (UTM)
John Duncan - Ethics
Iván Fernández - Spanish and Portuguese
Adam Hammond - English
Alex Hernandez - English
Yolanda Iglesias - Spanish and Portuguese
Rie Kijima - Global Affairs
Neil ten Kortenaar - English (UTSC)
Nikolai Krementsov - IHPST
Paul Kushner - Physics
Andrew Lawless - Victoria College
Robert McGill - English
Angus McQuibban - Biochemistry
Mathew Mercuri - IHPST
Bruce Meyer - Victoria College
Irina Mihalache - iSchool
Trevor Moraes - Biochemistry
Sophia Moreau - Law
Naomi Nagy - Linguistics
Justin Nodwell - Biochemistry
John Noyes - Germanic Languages and Literatures
Mary Nyquist - English
Alexander Palazzo - Biochemistry
Joanna Papayiannis - Victoria College
Gordon Rubenfeld - Medicine
Carolina Sa Carvalho Pereira - Spanish and Portuguese
Matt Sergi - English
Avery Slater - English
Adam Sol - Victoria College
Brian Stock - Victoria College
Wen-Ching Sung - IHPST
Cathie Sutton - Victoria College
Misha Teramura - English
Karine Tsoumis - Gardiner Museum
Ian Williams - English

Victoria College Fellows Emeriti and Retired Faculty

Andrew Baines
John Baird
Peter Blanchard
David Blostein
Paul Bouissac
R. Grant Bracewell
Robert Brandeis
William J. Callahan
James Clarke
Frank Collins
Eleanor Cook
Marcel Danesi
Alan Davies
Gus Dierick
Dennis Duffy
Konrad Eisenbichler
James Estes
David Galbraith
Bert Hall

Peter Harris
William R.C. Harvey
Jeffrey Heath
Peter Hess
Adrienne Hood
Alexandra F. Johnston
Eva Kushner
Michael Laine
Trevor Levere
Jennifer Levine
Manuela Marujo
Hartwig Mayer
Pauline Mazumdar
John McClelland
Thomas McIntire
Witold Morawski
Jean O'Grady
Dorothy Parker
Julian Patrick

Paul Perron
Olga Pugliese
Magdalene Redekop
John Reibetanz
Andrew Rossos
Ann Saddlemyer
Rosa Sarabia
Fred W. Seliger
David W. Shaw
David Smith
Ricardo Sternberg
Robert Taylor
Paul Thompson
Mark Thornton
Cameron Tolton
John Traill
Claudine J. Vercollier
Germaine Warkentin
Mary P. Winsor