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Office Phone: 416-978-2846
Office Location: SS 3008
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: N/A

BA University of Toronto (1975)
MA University of Toronto (1977)
AM Harvard University (1979)
PhD Harvard University (1983)

Interested in American and Canadian politics understood historically. This approach spans a variety of subject areas: federalism (Liberty and Community); constitutional theory (“Rights Talk in Canada in the Late Nineteenth Century”); ideational diffusion (“The Civil Rights Movement Comes to Winnipeg”); healthcare (“The Virus of Consumerism”); and the discipline of political science (The Comparative Turn). He is currently working on a book, tentatively entitled The Making of a Global City, which explores changing ideas of citizenship through the history of a Toronto public school.

Selected Publications:


  • Liberty and Community: Canadian Federalism and the Failure of the Constitution (SUNY, 1991).
  • The Comparative Turn in Canadian Political Science (edited with Linda White, Richard Simeon and Jennifer Wallner, (UBC Press, 2008).


  • “Rights Talk in the Late Nineteenth Century: ‘The Good Sense and the Right Feeling of the People,’” (with R.C.B. Risk), Law and History Review (1996).
  • “The Virus of Consumerism,” (with Gina Feldberg), in D. Drache and T. Sullivan (eds), Market Limits in Health Reform: Public Success, Private Failure (Routledge, 1999).
  • “The Civil Rights Movement Comes to Winnipeg: American Influence on Canadian Rights Talk, 1968-71,” in S. Newman (ed.), Constitutional Politics in Canada and the United States (SUNY, 2004).