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Alumni of Victoria College (AVC) Mission 

Build a strong relationship between Victoria College and its diverse alumni by engaging, informing and connecting them to the College’s ethos, history and identity.

2022–2023 AVC Executive Slate of Officers

President: Vito Labate Vic 0T0
Vice President: Diana Lawrence Vic 8T8
Past President: Jordan LoMonaco Vic 1T8

Members of the Executive
Nancy de Vera Vic 1T1
Arturo Martinez Peguero Vic 1T2
Benjamin Bongolan Vic 0T9
Abigail Brown Vic 9T9
Mahmoud Bitar Vic 1T6
Jaclin Simonetta Vic 1T6
Mimi O'Handley Vic 1T6
Ige Egal Vic 0T9
Susan Cui Vic 1T6
Richard Vien Vic 9T3

Student Liaison Chairperson & VUSAC Representative
TBC, VUSAC President
TBC, VUSAC Academic Commissioner

VWA Representative
Diane Dyer Vic 6T2

Friends of the Library Representative 
Kathryn Cumming Vic 7T4 

Members at Large
Akash Goel Vic 1T1

Ex-Officio Members
President of Victoria University: Dr. Rhonda McEwen
Principal of Victoria College: Prof. Angela Esterhammer Vic 8T3
Permanent Class Executive President: Mollie Sheptenko 2T2
Chair, Governance and University Affairs Committee of the Victoria University Board of Regents: Julia Zarb Vic 9T0
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs & Advancement: Louise (Huntingford) Yearwood Vic 8T6
Secretary: Helena Herscovici, Alumni Affairs Officer

Permanent Class Executives