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Charles W Leslie, President*
Lois (Girvan) Wilson, 1st Vice President*

R Melvin Whiteside, President*
M Constance (Stephens) Sharp, Secretary*

J Ronald Grills, President*
Dorothy L Bishop, 1st Vice President*
R J McKnight, 2nd Vice President*
Aubrey M Smith, Treasurer*

George W Birtch, Vice President*
Florence G (Clare) Cragg, Associate President*
M Lois (Hampson) Romans, Secretary*
Daniel D Chittenden, Treasurer*

Laurence H Cragg, President*
J Campbell Strachan, Vice President*
Ann Helen (Scott) Grady, Associate President
Grace V Becker, Secretary*
Bertram MacLean, Treasurer*

Mr Frank S Dingman, President*
Mr Norman G Nichol, Vice President*
Mrs Helen S Dingman (nee Forbes), Associate President*
Ruth H Cook, Secretary*
George A Affleck, Treasurer*

Rex D Boyd, President*
Edward Wing, Vice President
Alice P (Carscallen) Griffiths, Secretary*
George M Morrison, Treasurer*

Charles S Temple, President*
Ross Edward Goudie, Vice President*
Jean I (Morrison) Unger, Associate President*
M Jean (Rowland) McDonald, Secretary*
Robert P McDonald, Treasurer *

Kathleen (Halbert) Armstrong, Associate President*
Muriel E (Beaton) Patterson, Secretary*
Herbert S Armstrong, Treasurer*

L Nelson Earl, President*
Ross Dunford, Vice President*
Olive M (Mulhall) Hull, Associate President*
E L Jean (MacFarlane) Jolliffe, Secretary*
N Rowell Bowles, Treasurer*

* indicates representative has passed away.