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Catherine Brown, President
James Janeiro, Vice-President
Alexandra Marseu, Secretary/Treasurer
Craig Ruttan, Men's Sr. Stick
Meghan Lawson, Women's Sr. Stick
Dora Chan, Co-President/Women's Sr. Stick
Alexander Wells, Co-President/Men's Sr. Stick
Kimberly Elias, Vice-President
Alexandra Hong, Secretary/Treasurer

Dave Stewart, President
Karolina Dejnicka, Vice-President
Elliot Meyer, Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Duncan, Men's Sr. Stick
Efeoghene Igor, Women's Sr. Stick


Shoaib Alli, President/Men's Sr. Stick
Kevin Hempstead, Vice-President
Zenia Turkewych-Miner, Secretary/Treasurer
Savannah Sloat, Women's Sr. Stick


Sarah Berger, President
Jade Huguenin, Vice-President
Leah Moncada, Secretary/Treasurer
Christian Julien, Men's Sr. Stick
Grace McDonell, Women's Sr. Stick 


Kathleen Walsh, President
Arlette Bax, Vice-President
Delila Bikic, Secretary/Treasurer
Zack Medow, Men's Sr. Stick
Sabina Freiman, Women's Sr. Stick


Ashley Harripersad, President & Women's Sr. Stick
Jacob Blackwell, Vice-President
Chelsea Spagnolo, Secretary/Treasurer
Darren Cheng, Men's Sr. Stick


Julie Zhang, President & Sr. Stick*
Caroline Nguyen & Alisha Talpur, Vice-Presidents
Kathleen Mahoney, Secretary/Treasurer
Linh Nguyen, Sr. Stick*


Helen Hayes, President
Samantha King, Vice-President
Tali Voron, Secretary/Treasurer
Nicole Chanderpaul, Sr. Stick
Rowan DeBues, Sr. Stick


Zoe Ritchie, President
James Mangaliman, Vice-President
Norah Nastamagos, Secretary/Treasurer

*In 2017 the Men's and Women's Sr. Sticks were retired and replaced with two non-gendered Sr. Sticks.