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Offered by the Victoria College Principal’s Office and funded by the Government of Canada’s Global Skills Opportunity program, Vic Global Internships provides funding for students to travel, learn, research, and gain professional experience internationally in the context of U of T credit courses.

The main aim of Vic Global Internships is to promote innovative and meaningful international experiential opportunities, and to minimize the financial and administrative barriers to accessing these opportunities. To this end, Vic Global provides three kinds of support to award recipients:

  • Financial Award: Up to $10,000 in funding for short-term (1-5 weeks), medium-term (6-16 weeks) and long-term (16+ weeks) international experiential opportunities
  • Wraparound Support: Advising and support is available to all students from the pre-application stage until after their return to Canada
  • Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) Ambassadorship: After completing their international experience, Vic Global award recipients will have the opportunity to apply to become a Vic Global Ambassador. Ambassadors support the administration of the program, conduct promotions, and mentor other students who are going abroad with Vic Global.
Why Vic Global?
  • Access financial support to travel and learn in countries around the world
  • Expand your horizons, broaden your worldview and experience new cultures
  • Make invaluable connections and build a global network
  • Work in the field and see firsthand how industries around the world operate
  • Develop intercultural & global professional skills essential for the labour market
  • Boost your resume and bring a global perspective to employment opportunities
  • Domestic Vic students are eligible to receive Vic Global for any international experiential opportunities that take place in the context of a U of T credit course
  • Domestic students who are not a member of Victoria College are eligible to receive Vic Global for international experiential opportunities that take place in the context of a Victoria College course, as well as for the Kwansei Gakuin University Cross-Cultural College program
  • Eligible courses must involve an international experiential learning component. Experiential learning activities include internships and other work-integrated placements, research experiences, and fieldwork. To learn more about the experiential learning requirement, and to find out whether your international experience qualifies, email Maral Attar-Zadeh at
Examples of Vic Global Internships
  • Education & Society
    • 6-week teaching placements at Branksome Hall Asia in South Korea
  • Material Culture & Semiotics
    • 6-week placements in museums, galleries, or cultural institutions in Israel
  • VIC396: International Internship Opportunity
    • This course provides an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge in a practical or experiential placement in an international setting. A faculty supervisor assesses and assigns the necessary written component associated with the internship.
  • Cross-Cultural College Program
    • Short-term summer professional internships in Japan working with Japanese companies
  • U of T courses
    • There are many U of T courses that involve internships, professional placements, field-work or research around the world
How to apply

After submitting the application form below, you will be contacted with more information about your eligibility, and, if you are eligible, your personalized funding package.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the departure date of your international experiential learning opportunity.

Apply here

Explore Vic Global Internships Opportunities

Not sure where to start? Take the quiz below to find out which international experiences you might be eligible to take part in as a Vic Global student.

    This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s outbound mobility pilot program

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