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If you enjoy helping others, have a passion for education, and love working with students ranging from kindergarten to high school then this is the perfect program for you!

Vic Reach is a volunteer academic outreach program offering University of Toronto students the opportunity to work with students at Toronto schools in-person or in an exclusively online placement. Student volunteers provide a minimum of three hours per week of tutoring and assistance during the academic year.

Each student volunteer who fulfills the requirements of Vic Reach will receive a formal certificate from the College recognizing their participation. This certificate will be part of their official academic record.

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Volunteer Information

Volunteers must commit to one three-hour weekly participation, either at the location or through online resources, for a total of (at least) 50 hours over the academic year.

We will be providing both in-person and exclusively online placements for this academic year. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that in-person placements will remain as such throughout the entire year. We will continue to monitor the status of placements and adjust accordingly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our volunteers.

For further inquiries, please contact us at

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Police Record Check

Before applicants can be assigned to a posting, they must acquire a satisfactory police record check through the Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Students will need to deal with their local police services, and follow the procedures they have in place to request a record check. This can be a time-consuming process, so it is best to apply well ahead in advance to ensure timely placement.

Should the Police Services jurisdiction require a letter from the organization requesting the check, please contact Julia Forgie at

If students require a Vulnerable Sector Screening from Toronto Police Services, please contact us at to be given a “Consent to Disclosure” form.

PRESTO Reimbursement

Vic reach volunteers may apply to have their TTC expenses related to traveling to and from their placement reimbursed by filling out and submitting the form below.

Note: to be eligible for reimbursement, volunteers must use PRESTO. Transfer slips will no longer be accepted.

Volunteers must provide:

  • Proof of travel by downloading and presenting your PRESTO Transaction History Report to confirm travel going to and returning from the school. Please note that transaction data is only available for three months, so keep track of your trips.

Print out and complete the form below. Submit the completed form, along with your PRESTO Transaction History Report to Amelia Bailey, in VC107 (Old Victoria College Building).

School Information

Vic Reach provides participating schools with an opportunity to augment and enhance the learning experience in their classrooms. Program volunteers are paired with interested teachers and assist in classrooms or with extracurricular activities.

Schools wishing to partner with the Vic Reach Program simply need to contact the Vic Reach coordinators at and provide details regarding the number of interested teachers, whether they plan to have in-person or online classes this fall, and the type of volunteer assistance required (classroom, extracurricular, etc.).