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Application Instructions

To apply to Vic One, you must fill out a Vic One Application. All first-year applicants to the Faculty of Arts and Science, Architecture, and Music are welcome to apply to Vic One regardless of college choice. We assess all applicants individually based upon their Vic One application and academic record.

To access the Vic One application, you must first apply to the University of Toronto. Students do not have to wait until they have received an offer of admission from U of T before completing the Vic One application.

The deadline to complete the Vic One application has been extended to Monday, May 4, 2020 for all streams.

Review of Application

  1. Describe 3 extracurricular activities that have enriched you over the past year.
  2. A personal statement which must include reasons for being interested in the Vic One program and the selected stream of study.
  3. When you select your stream of interest, a stream-specific short essay question will appear.
  4. Non-Ontario students must upload a copy of their report card/transcript.


Selection Process:

We assess all applicants individually based upon their Vic One application, strong academic and extracurricular performance.

The selection process for Vic One is entirely separate from the selection process at Victoria College. As such, if you are selected for one, you may or may not be selected for the other.