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Alumni of Victoria College (AVC) Executive 2021-2022

(as of July 2021)


  • Jordan LoMonaco Vic 1T8


  • Vacant

Members of the Executive

  • Arturo Martínez Peguero Vic 1T2
  • Nancy de Vera Vic 1T1
  • Benjamin Bongolan Vic 0T9
  • Diana Lawrence Vic 8T8
  • Abigail Brown Vic 9T9
  • Vito Labate Vic 0T0
  • Mahmoud Bitar Vic 1T6
  • Jaclin Simonetta Vic 1T6
  • Mimi O'Handley Vic 1T6
  • Cameron Davies Vic 2T0
  • Ige Egal Vic 0T9
  • Susan Cui Vic 1T6
  • Richard Vien Vic 9T3

Executive Director, Alumni Affairs &Advancement

  • Louise Yearwood

Alumni Officer and Secretary

  • Helena Herscovici

Student Liaison Chairman & VUSAC Representative

  • VUSAC President
  • VUSAC Academic Commissioner


  • Diane Dyer 6T2

Friends of the Library Rep

  • Kathryn Cumming 7T4

Ex-Officio Class President for 2021

  • Moqadas Mian 2T1

Members at Large

  • Akash Goel 1T1
Alumni of Victoria College Constitution
Alumni of Victoria College (AVC) Members’ Terms of Reference


Helena Herscovici
Alumni Affairs Officer
Alumni Affairs & Advancement