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Victoria is grateful for all donations. We offer recognition at various levels.

Ivy Society

The Ivy Society recognizes the extraordinary philanthropic commitment of Victoria College and Emmanuel College donors whose cumulative totals $100,000 or more since 1903.

Presidents' Circle / Chancellor's Council

Donors who contribute an annual donation of $1,827 or more are members of the University of Toronto Presidents' Circle and Victoria University's Chancellor's Council.

Chancellor's Council members receive invitations to special lectures and events, as well as to the annual spring Garden Party at U of T President's residence on Highland Avenue. Members are listed in the annual report of donors in Vic Report. For more information about the U of T Presidents' Circle click here.

Join Vic Chancellor Nick Saul, O.C., Vic 9T0 and the more than 300 Vic grads and 3,000 U of T grads. For more information on how to make your contribution, please call the Alumni Affairs & Advancement Office at (416) 585-4500.

Principal's Circle

The Principal's Circle recognizes donors who contribute between $1,000-$1,826 annually.

The circle acknowledges the extraordinary leaders who have served as Victoria College Principals and who have helped establish Victoria and Emmanuel College as leaders in undergraduate and theological education in Canada.

Members are listed in the annual report of donors in Vic Report and are invited to special events.

Cornerstone Circle

The Cornerstone Circle was established in 1992, the centenary of the Victoria College Building, to honour donors whose contributions supported the restoration of the building's exterior. The name has lived on as a recognition society for donors whose annual contributions to Victoria total between $500 and $999.

Members of the Cornerstone Circle will have their names listed in the annual report of donors in Vic Report and will be invited to special events.

Scarlet & Gold / Purple & Gold Circle

The college colours have long been associated with enthusiasm and commitment of students and alumni of Victoria and Emmanuel Colleges. Donors to these circles have contributed $100 to $499. 

Victoria College Cheer

Emmanuel College Cheer

We shout it out in days of old! Rah, Rah, Scarlet and Gold! Rippety Ree, Rippety Rah! Rah, Rah, Victoria! Yeah Vic!

Hail to the pride of Canadian divinity! Hail to the colours of purple and gold! Hail to the daughters of Knox and Victoria! Hail to the hope that the future doth hold!