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What is Scholars-in-Residence?

The Scholars-in-Residence (SiR) program is an intensive, 4-week paid research fellowship in humanities and humanistic social-science research for upper-year undergraduates across all three University of Toronto campuses. SiR provides students with an opportunity to acquire advanced research skills and experience while collaborating with an interdisciplinary and intellectually vibrant community of peers, professors, and research professionals.

Students selected for SiR will work as Research Assistants in small teams on projects led by professors. They also share group activities including multidisciplinary workshops on research methodologies, standards, protocol, and professional communication; cultural events; and talks featuring professionals such as lawyers, policy-makers, and documentary filmmakers that highlight research-intensive career trajectories. Complimentary residence accommodation and a partial dining plan will be provided for Scholars participating in the in-person sessions of the program at the St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough campuses.


Program Modality and Schedule

Location and Modality

SiR offers in-person projects hosted at all three UofT campuses, as well as online-only projects as part of an "Online/International" module. 

Students selected for in-person projects will live in residence on the campus where their project takes place for the length of the program. Free accommodation and a free partial dining plan will be provided for all students who are accepted for in-person projects. Residence will be assigned according to the campus location of your project (e.g.,students accepted to a UT-Scarborough-based project will stay in residence on that campus). Students will participate in 20 hours/week of scheduled research work and attend 5 hours/week of in-person program activities. 

There is no residence component for Online/International projects. Students will participate in 20 hours/week of online-synchronous research work and 5 hours/week of virtual program activities. 

You are encouraged to apply for projects on any of the three campus locations, as well as for Online/International projects, regardless of your current affiliation.



Scholars-in-Residence is an intensive, full-time program. SiR participants are required to attend all working sessions as scheduled by projects supervisors as well as the group activities scheduled for their cohort (i.e., St George, UTM, UTSC, or Online/International)All Scholars will participate in 20 hours/week of scheduled research work (typically in the morning) and attend 5 hours/week of other program activities (typically in the afternoon). Participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions & activities.

Below is an example schedule from our 2023 program on the St George campus. Each cohort will receive a schedule of their programmed activities for the month prior to their start date. 

Jackman Scholar Award

All SiR participants receive $1000 Jackman Scholar Award upon completion of the program. Together with the complimentary residence accommodation and partial dining plan for students working on in-person projects, this award supports students in contributing to original faculty research projects, developing skills, and building supportive relationships with peers and professors. 

The SiR research community is generously supported by:

  • Jackman Humanities Institute
  • Office of the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management
  • Office of the Vice-President International
  • Faculty of Arts and Science
  • University of Toronto Mississauga
  • University of Toronto Scarborough
  • The St. George Colleges
  • Bader Philanthropies Inc. through Victoria University