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BEd University of Toronto
MA University of Toronto
PhD University of Toronto

Anne Urbancic is the Mary Rowell Jackman Professor of Humanities at Victoria College. An award-winning instructor of language, culture and semiotics, her research interests focus on the Italian Tuscan author Mario Pratesi (1842-1921) and on the works of Annie Vivanti (1866-1942). Most recently she has also studied Italian foodways and cookbooks. She has published widely in North American and European journals. Among her publications are Reviewing Mario Pratesi: The Critical Press and its Influence (University of Toronto Press, 2014) Mario Pratesi’s lost manuscript, All’ombra dei cipressi (SEF, 2018) and Literary Titans Revisited (Dundurn Press, 2017). Together with Giuliana Sanguinetti Katz, she has translated three novels, and two plays.

Her interest in archiving and historiography has resulted in the online publication of the vast correspondence of Mario Pratesi whose letters and notebooks were found in Toronto and donated to E.J. Pratt Library. She is also a founding member of the Canadian Slovenian Historical Society and Archives. Her interest in how we practice the spaces of everyday life includes studies like the topic of today’s plenary; an earlier version of this study appears in the Proceedings of the 2023 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

Selected Publications

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    E-book: culture-and-arts-scholarly-exchange-epic-portions-conference-proceedings