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Plenary Sessions

The Vic One Plenary session is a weekly guest lecture series, exposing students to different areas of investigation. The plenaries are meant to encourage open-minded discussion and ignite intellectual curiosity. Rather than an academic commitment, these sessions present another opportunity for students to gather and reflect. The plenaries are a core feature of the Vic One program, allowing students a chance to explore; learn; and engage outside the classroom. Attendance at the plenary sessions is mandatory for all Vic One students.

2023-2024 Plenary Sessions

Post-plenary Receptions

After each plenary session, we host a reception where students have the opportunity to connect with lecturers face-to-face. The post-plenary is also a unique opportunity for students from different streams to connect with one another. This is also where the Vic One-On-One mentoring takes place (see Student Experience page for details). Post-plenary receptions generally take place in the foyer of the Isabel Bader Theatre.

Former Vic One Plenaries

We have been very fortunate to welcome a wide array of accomplished guests to address our Vic One group since 2012.

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The Pelham Edgar Distinguished Visitor in the Humanities

Each year, we host a lecture by a notable visitor in the Humanities. Funding for this endeavour was established by Dr. Johanna L. Metcalf of the Victoria College Class of 1957 to fund visiting scholars and scholarly activities for Vic One. This lecture series is named in honour of Oscar Pelham Edgar (1871-1948). Born in Toronto, Ontario, Pelham Edgar was an accomplished teacher and academic, ultimately dedicating the majority of his working years to the Department of English at Victoria College. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1915 and received its Lorne Pierce Medal for distinguished service to Canadian literature in 1936.

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The Judy LaMarsh Lecture Celebrating Women in Leadership

This annual lecture aims to facilitate a college-wide discussion on the intersection of politics and gender, while celebrating women who have succeeded in the political arena. Proposed by alumna Linda MacRae and initiated by Equal Voice Victoria (now the VUSAC Equity Commission),this lecture is named in honour of Julia (Judy) Verlyn LaMarsh, (1924-1980), who attended Victoria College before going on to make meaningful contributions to Canadian political life. Serving under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, she became Canada’s first female Liberal cabinet minister in 1963, and contributed to progressive legislation that established the Canada Pension Plan and Canada’s Medicare program.

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The Coxford Lecture at Victoria College

This annual lecture addresses one of the great public policy issues of the day, aiming to promote public discourse on important contemporary issues. The lecture was endowed by a generous donation from Stephen Coxford to bolster Victoria University's longstanding tradition of academic excellence combined with outreach to, and connection with, the community. Stephen Coxford graduated from Victoria College in 1974 and Western University’s law school in 1977. He also holds a graduate law degree from Cambridge University. He is President of Gresham & St. Andrew Inc., a Toronto-based investment company.

To watch the inaugural lecture featuring Dr. Mark Carney, “The Philosophy and Practice of Tackling Climate Change,” click here.

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Photo Credits

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