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Host an Event

Victoria College Covid-19 Protocol for Booking Student-led On-campus Events

The University recognizes that this can be a stressful time for students and that being together on campus is very important for you and for the whole community.  We are here to assist you in planning fun, inclusive, educational and healthy events on campus while adhering to college regulations and COVID-19 requirements. 

In order to do this, and to make this process as easy as possible, we put together a single form and a simple process for students to follow.

Please note that the approvals and recommendations for events may have to adapt in order to comply with evolving government and health and safety COVID-19 regulations. 

Winter 2022: Capacity Limits and Spaces

Capacity limits are lifted for any masked space. This is considered to be all spaces/activities that do not involve food.  

Event organizers have access to all bookable student spaces on campus, except the Regents Foyer & the Regents Meeting Room. The Regents Foyer has been designated as the drop-in eating space for students on campus. 

Available spaces include: 

  • Wymilwood Lounge 
  • Music Room 
  • Copper Room 
  • Wendy Cecil Atrium (Ideal for drop-in Events) 
  • Commuter Lounge 

Outdoor spaces (weather permitting) include: 

  • Burwash Quad 
  • MAH Field 

For more information on space capacity, please visit Events Victoria.

If your event involves food, the Reviewing Staff Member will discuss guidelines, capacity limits and distribution with you during your VSEF Review meeting. 

Student Event Organizers will receive availability confirmation or space alternatives from Events Victoria, depending on schedule conflicts or standard capacity needs.

If you are booking an off-campus event, please do not confirm off-campus venues until after your VSEF review meeting has occurred.

Victoria University in the University of Toronto Procedures for service of alcohol to students on campus form (for both on-campus and off-campus events), pdf version. (World version here).

Steps to Host an Event

  1. Think through what you want your event to look like and make a timeline (well in advance of your scheduled event). NOTE: The approval process will take approximately five days from the day of submission. If you are requesting catering for your event the length of approval time will increase to ten days. If you are planning an event that features alcohol, the process will take at least 14 days.

  2. Consider collaborating with another Vic group.

  3. Fill out the Victoria Student Event Form (VSEF) (Download VSEF Fillable pdf version) or (Download VSEF Word Version) and send it to
    a. If you are planning an event that features alcohol, you must also read, fill out and submit the Victoria University Alcohol Procedures Document. This step must be completed at least two weeks prior to your event date.

  4. Wait to be contacted by a staff member from the Office of the Dean of Students to review and approve your event.

  5. Wait for the event to be approved by Events Victoria (if the event includes food, it can take an additional five days to be approved).

  6. Hold event.

Covid-19 Event Planning Best Practices

 Before the Event 

  • Start the planning process early! This will make your event planning experience a lot smoother.
  • Avoid activities that promote transmission (singing, dancing, shaking hands, sharing food).
  • Develop a physical distancing plan (ensuring that activities/functions/tasks are spread out).
  • Ensure that staff volunteers have been provided with a script to remind visitors about physical distancing and mask protocols.
  • Ensure that marketing materials explain COVID-19 protocols (For example: “All volunteers and participants will be asked to comply with the University of Toronto COVID-19 guidelines, including showing their completed UCheck, and wearing a mask at all times.”

 During the Event 

  • Ensure that all event organizers and participants show proof of their UCheck green screen.
  • Stagger entry and exit times for larger groups.
  • Ensure that masks are worn at all times and that a six-foot distance is kept between participants.
  • Have hand sanitizer, additional masks, and other sanitation products available at the event.
  • Reduce or avoid the use of shared equipment.

 After the Event 

  • Reflect on what practices were easy to maintain and which may require more time and energy at your next event.

If at any point you need support in planning your event, email Ali Kehl, Campus Life Coordinator (