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W. George Lovell | A Beauty that Hurts: Life and Death in Guatemala

We are pleased to invite you to a fall reading by Professor W. George Lovell from his book A Beauty that Hurts: Life and Death in Guatemala.

Paul Stevens | Milton's Satan and the Ways We Think About Evil

The Vic One Plenary session is a weekly guest lecture series, exposing students to different areas of investigation.

VWA | Form Follows Content: Designing Museum Exhibitions

Experiential designer Christine Elson reveals her process for developing a coherent story expressed three-dimensionally.

Minding Our Minds Conference | Supporting Student Neurodiversity

This year's conference, "Supporting Student Neurodiversity and Student Wellness", unites experts to explore mental health issues on campus.

VWA | Milestones & Monuments: Reflections on Women and Churches

Emmanuel College Principal HyeRan Kim-Cragg addresses women's issues and leadership in theological education.

VWA | Vic Now: Current Issues at Victoria College

Vic Now explores current issues confronting the Victoria College Office of the Dean of Students, Vic students and alumni.

VWA | Un-settling Upper Canada: Real & Fictional Colonies in the 1820s

This presentation scrutinizes narratives of settlement, revealing how fiction, poetry, accident and delusion blended in early Canadian history.

VWA | Painted Out of the Picture: The Wives of the Group of Seven

Author/curator Angie Littlefield explores the wives of the Group of Seven and the roles these women played in shaping their husbands' careers.

VWA | Victoria Women's Association Annual Luncheon

Celebrate 127 years of the VWA and listen to Irene Poetranto's talk, "The Citizen Lab: What Happens When Videos of Cute Cats Meet 'Big Brother'?"