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Rehan Setna Receives The David Pretty Award

Oct. 08, 2020

Rehan Setna loves living on campus and the sense of community it provides. Despite the current travel restrictions, he made his way back to Toronto via Bangalore, India, to start his third year with a double major in economics and molecular biology. Setna has volunteered as a mentor for Vic One’s Stowe-Gullen stream, a stream he thoroughly enjoyed. “I help students transition into the program,” says Setna. “I offer advice and tips on how to succeed at university and become an active and engaged community member.” Setna has also held the role of communications director for the academic commission of VUSAC and the role of student union representative for U of T’s Department of Cells Systems Biology. Setna has been awarded The David Pretty Award for his academic achievements and extra-curricular involvement. “This award means a great deal to me. I have had a tough workload and have been trying to balance my extracurricular activities. I feel like I am being recognized for my growth as a person and this acts as an incentive to assure me that I am on the right path,” says Setna. “I lost my part-time job due to COVID-19 so this award allows me to worry a little less.”


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