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AI in Academia: President McEwen Shares Insights in Toronto Star Op-Ed

Feb. 14, 2023

An image is depicted, showing a screenshot of a Toronto Star web article titled 'Academic papers written by AI get a solid B — but is it cheating?' The article's headline appears in bold font above a photograph of Rhonda McEwen, President of the International Association of Communication and Media Researchers. The photo shows McEwen wearing a blue dress.

President Rhonda McEwen penned a thoughtful op-ed for the Toronto Star entitled: “Academic papers written by AI get a solid B—but is it cheating?” Students think it isn’t. McEwen says now is the time to “challenge our approaches to teaching and assessing writing in the liberal arts and sciences” and that it’s “worth considering the extent to which this AI is fundamentally changing the game and how we could adapt.” Read the full article here.

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