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Our seminar-style classes give you the chance to connect with instructors and classmates. Students are expected to participate in discussions and to engage with classmates in a respectful way.

Other Ways to Get Involved

We offer a number of ways you can enrich your experience outside the classroom.

Fireside chats

Informal gatherings led by accomplished members of the community. These are held occasionally and generally involve no more than 10 students.

Vic One Poetry Prize

Open to all Vic One students, this prize has a value of $500. It was established by Professors Ted Chamberlin and Lorna Goodison after they served as the 2005 Pelham Edgar Distinguished Visitors in the Humanities.

Vic One Stick

VicOne Stick laying on table top showing Victoria College crest


The Vic One Stick is an award that joins the pre-existing Men's and Women's Senior Sticks at Victoria University as historical markers of our students' successes. The Stick is a ceremonial walking stick with the names of awardees engraved annually onto metal bands affixed to the stick. The Stick is made of black cherry wood and was crafted by Walter Pridham (Vic 5T3). 

Vic One Stick criteria:

The Vic One Stick shall be awarded annually to a member of that year's Class of Vic One who is selected by their classmates because they are deemed to be pre-eminent in such personal, intellectual and social virtues as wit, talent, leadership, service, quirkiness, curiosity, collaboration, and intellectual generosity.  The name of the holder of the Stick, and the Class Year, shall be engraved on a band and affixed to the Stick in perpetuity.” – As announced at the Vic One Launch Oct.4.2003; updated in 2023

The recipient of the Vic One Stick shall embody, in their thoughts and actions, the qualities which reflect the ideals central to the Vic One Program. The individual must express genuine dedication to the program. Such commitment shall be assessed through attendance to classes and plenary sessions, as well as active participation in the classroom and satisfactory completion of all assigned work. In the performing of the aforementioned tasks, the individual shall exhibit enthusiasm, tenacity, intelligence and creativity. However, involvement shall not be strictly limited to academic participation within the Vic One Program. Commitment to other extracurricular activities is also an important factor. The individual shall play an active role in the university community or within the larger community. Those who excel in combining a balance of academic and extracurricular excellence, as judged by their peers and professors, shall be a representative of the Vic One program and worthy recipients of the Vic One Stick.

Voting Process:

On a specific, predetermined day, all Vic One students will be given the chance to vote for the Vic One Stick, by ranking their top three nominations. The person ranked first will be awarded 3 points, the second 2 points, and the third 1 point. The professors will also vote, with their votes counting for slightly more. The votes will then be tallied by the Vic One Liaison Officer and perhaps several students under her/his supervision. The person who accumulated the most number of points will be awarded the stick. Special recognition will also be given to the top runner(s)-up.

Vic One Mentorship

As a Vic One student you will be assigned a mentor from your stream of study to answer questions on anything from academic choices to campus involvement. Mentors will be available via email and during post-plenary sessions.

Mentors are also available to answer the questions of prospective students.

To contact a mentor:

Please email to be put in touch with a Vic One mentor.