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Student Residence Information

If you are a student who requires accommodation related to accessibility, it is important that you register with Accessibility Services as soon as possible.
Note that for the Academic year 2020-2021 Victoria College will only provide Single rooms.

First-year students

Most first years are assigned to a shared double room. We make every effort to accommodate a preference for a specific roommate. Both applicants must indicate the other on their applications. To find a compatible roommate, we consider the lifestyle information section of your application. Our priority is first-year students who receive the housing guarantee. 65% of our beds are allocated to first-year students.
Room assignments are emailed late August.
Residence and Meal plan fees are posted to ACORN in August after tuition fees have been posted.
*****For the Academic year 2020-2021 all students will be assigned to single rooms.*****

Upper-year students

As a returning residence student you will have the option of self selecting your room. If you are requesting a double room you will need to find your own roommate. A 10% discount is offered to eligible upper-year students.
Please be aware that space is not always available in the residence or floor of your choice. You must have an AGPA of at least 2.0 for the 2019–2020 academic year and the balance on your ACORN must be paid in full by the end of classes in April.
****NOTE: For the 2020-2021 Academic year we will only be offering single rooms****

Meal Plans

All students who decide to live in residence are required to purchase a meal plan from the following selection:

 Meal Plan Options and Availability:

**No substitutions allowed between Vic Dollars and Ned’s Meal Dollars.

Meal Plan A (Minimum) – Cost $5,307 - 325 meals, $375.00 Vic Dollars (taxable)                                                      

Meal Plan B (Regular) – Cost $5,807.00 - 355 meals, $375.00 Vic Dollars (taxable)

There are no refunds for unused meals, Ned’s Meal Dollars, and Vic Dollars. Unused meals cannot be converted to Vic dollars or Ned’s Meal Dollars. There is no carryover of meals and Ned’s meal dollars at the end of your residence contract; however, remaining Vic Dollars may be spent throughout the summer months and can be carried over until the end of the calendar year (December 2021), provided that you are a registered student. Carried over Vic Dollars are taxable.


Students are not able to switch meal plans after September 15, 2020.

Victoria Food Services serves 19 meals a week: three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served on weekdays; brunch and dinner are served on weekends, holidays and during Reading Week (November 9 – 13, 2020),(February 15-19, 2021). Regular meal service begins at dinner on September 7, 2020.  The last meal in December is dinner on December 22, 2020 and the first meal back after the winter break is dinner on January 3, 2021. No meal service is provided during the winter break.  The last meal in second term is dinner on April 30, 2021.

Residence Buildings

Annesley Hall

When it opened in 1903, Annesley Hall was the first residence built specifically for women in Canada. It was renovated in 1988 and houses female students in single, double and triple rooms. Annesley is known for its close-knit community and for the fact that no two rooms are the same.

Annesley Hall

Single Room                                                                                         $10,062

Super Single Room                                                                             $10,871


Margaret Addison Hall

This co-ed residence for both first-year and upper-year students has double and single rooms. It features music practice rooms, study areas, kitchenettes and six common rooms.

Margaret Addison Hall

Single Room                                                                                         $10,062
Basement Single Room with shared bath                                           $10,932
Super Single Room                                                                               $10,871

Rowell Jackman Hall

Due to their architecture and age, our residences can be challenging living environments for students with accessibility needs. In 1993 Rowell Jackman Hall was built in accordance with the accessibility standards of the time, but even it no longer meets some current accessibility requirements.

Our suite-style residence offers single-sex and co-ed housing options. Each suite houses three to seven students in single and double rooms. The suites have common rooms, one or two washrooms, shared kitchen facilities and a living room. This residence is home to primarily upper-year students, although some first-year students are also housed in double rooms.

Some suites are designed to accommodate residents with accessibility needs, and the building is wheelchair-accessible from the parkade level.

Rowell Jackman Hall

(all rooms are within a shared 3-12 bedroom apartment)

Single Room                                                                                         $11,014
Super Single Room                                                                               $12,109

Upper Burwash Hall

The Upper Houses of Burwash Hall (North, Middle, South and Gate) are co-ed and house first-year and upper- year students in single and double rooms. Each floor has a kitchenette and small eating area. Each floor has a common room with cable TV. Washrooms are co-ed.

Burwash Hall Upper Houses

Single Room                                                                                         $10,062
Super Single Room                                                                               $10,871
Single Room with shared bath                                                             $10,334

Lower Burwash Hall

The Lower Houses of Burwash Hall (Ryerson, Nelles, Caven, and Bowles-Gandier) were constructed in 1931, and renovations were completed in November of 1995. Students are housed in single, double, and triple rooms with semi-private washrooms. Rooms on the first three floors of each house have individual sleeping alcoves with adjoining study/sitting rooms. Each floor has a kitchenette. Each house has a common room with cable TV. 

Burwash Hall Lower Houses

Single Room without bed alcove                                                      $11,121
Single Room with bed alcove                                                            $11,973
Super Single Room                                                                            $12,928

Maintenance Request & Light Bulb Changes

To address any maintenance issues please use this form with a detailed description of work required and a time window for staff to enter your room/suite.

If you require a light bulb change please send form with room or suite number and a time window for staff to enter your space.