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Office Phone: 416-978-1750
Office Location: Victoria College Room 320
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: TBA

Professor Brian Baigrie is the instructor of the VIC 171Y course in the Stowe-Gullen stream of the Vic One Program in Victoria College, University of Toronto where he discusses methodology, theory and ethics in the life sciences. Furthermore, he is the colloquium coordinator and instructor at the Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology at the University of Toronto. A published author, Professor Baigrie specializes in the history and philosophy of science, ranging from late 16th-century to 19th-century physics. Currently, in addition to teaching, he coordinates a working group, with colleagues in philosophy, the Faculty of Law, and OISE, concerning standards for the reliability of evidence in the life sciences as it intersects with the law.

Selected Publications

  • Electricity and Magnetism: a Historical Perspective. Greenwood Publications,
    2006."Marin Mersenne," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Scientific Revolutions: Primary Texts in the History of Science. Prentice Hall,