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Internship in Material Culture

A practical or experiential learning opportunity under the supervision of a faculty member, normally at a museum, art gallery or other cultural agency (as approved by the supervisor).

VIC329H1S Syllabus [PDF]

VIC329H1Y Syllabus [PDF]

Prerequisite: Completion of 9 FCEs
Distribution Requirement Status: Humanities or Social Science
Breadth Requirement: None

VIC360H1 / Y1
Education Internship

Students are required to complete an internship in an educational environment. This can be satisfied by participation in an organization with the approval of the Vic Concurrent Education Coordinator. Written assessment of the internship is required.

Prerequisite: Enrolment in CTEP or Education and Society Minor, VIC362H1/EDU311H1
Exclusion: VIC360Y1
Distribution Requirement Status: Social Science
Breadth Requirement: Society and its Institutions (3)